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Make – Toyota Starlet

Model - SR

Price Range - £1000 - £2200

Engine – 1.3i

Equipment – CD player, front electric windows, Sunroof (optional extra), central locking, full size spare wheel, TTE Exhaust spoiler and lowering springs, as well as Speedline alloy wheels.

Practicality – Reasonable sized boot, 2 adults will fit in the back but at a squeeze. Front passengers have plenty of leg/head room

Performance – 0-60 – 11.3
Top speed – 110 M.P.H

MPG – 42

Insurance Group – 4

Whats it like to live with – A great cheap, indestructible and practical first car

What we think - If you are looking for something different from a saxo, corsa, punto etc, then the starlet is definatly worth a second look! The SR was a limited edition of the starlet, SR standing for Sport Rally. Finding one can be hard work but you will not be disappointed. It has the added benefit of the Toyota Team Europe (TTE) rear spoiler, exhaust and lowering springs. This gives the SR a more aggressive look than a normal starlet. Mechanically the starlet is the same as all other Toyota's...almost indestructible. The engine is easy to work on and should last for a long time, if serviced regularly. 42 MPG is easily achievable. The starlet is very easy to drive and handles nicely due to being 25MM lower than a standard starlet. The gearbox is smooth and goes into gear crisp, the clutch is light making the car very easy to drive. We believe the starlet SR is a great first car being ubber reliable and a bit different.

Car17 out of 10 – 8/10


Make – Citroen

Model – Saxo Furio

Price Range – £900 - £3000

Engine – 1.4i

Equipment – Alloys with spare wheel, drivers airbag, electric windows, sports seats, VTR bodykit

PracticalityAverage size boot for size of car. 2 can fit in the rear, but at a squeeze.

Performance – 0-60 – 11.2
Top speed – 110 MPH

M.P.G – 43

Insurance Group – 5

Whats it like to live with – A fine everyday first car. Punchy engine and low running costs. Plenty of spares available and aftermarket parts

What we think – The saxo has become an icon in the young drivers world. Cheap to buy, run and insure is the reason why the saxo has become massively popular. The furio benefits from having the looks of the more powerful VTR, but without the insurance premiums. With a set of VTR alloys and badges no one will be the wiser! The furio is resonible fast and cheap to run thanks to its 1.4i engine. Cars can be bought from as little as £1000, but make sure cars around this price have service history and have not seen the wrong side of the hedge. The main problem with the car is finding an unabused example. For a straight car expect to pay more towards the £2,000 mark and for newer low mileage vehicles expect to be paying closer to £3,000 on a dealer forecourt. Make sure you take somebody who knows about cars along with you. Be wary of cars with cambelt and head gasket failures, as this can be a very expensive job to fix. The furio comes with a more “lively” interior to the rest of the range with yellow trim on the seats, doorcards and a yellow gearnob. Drivers over 6 feet tall may find it hard to get comfortable. The main flaw of the car is the pedal box which is slightly off-centre. The same goes for the Peugeot 106 (on which the saxo shares the same platform and body). Apart from this the saxo is a cool first car which providing is looked after will be a winner.

Car17 out of 10 -  7/10



Make - Fiat

Model – Punto 1.2 Dynamic (1999-2003)

Price Range – £1500 – £2500

Engine – 1.2i

Equipment – ABS, Electric Windows, Driver Airbag, CD Player, Remote
locking, Front Fog Lights

Practicality – Good interior space. Feels like a much bigger car. 2 can
easily fit in rear and a good sized boot

Performance – 0-60 = 13.8
                         Top Speed = 98

M.P.G – 49

Insurance Group – 3

Whats it like to live with – Good day to day car. Easy to live with,
good practicality and cheap to run/insure                             

What we think – The punto is a spacious and good looking car. It has added benefit of feeling much bigger than it is. Due to this it has much more space than a saxo, fiesta or
corsa. Early punto’s were renoud for poor reliability and electrical problems, but the newer cars are much better and have proven reliable cars. The punto is easy to drive, but the handling is the cars main downfall. It feels quit wobbly and the steering does lack feel when compaired to some other cars in its class. Repairs at Fiat main dealers can be expensive, but pairs are
readily available.  

Car17 out of 10 – 7/10


Make – Ford

Model – Fiesta Freestyle (1999-2002)

Price Range – £900 - £2200

Engine – 1.25i

Equipment – Central Locking, CD Player, Front Electric Windows, Front Fog Lights

Practicality – Good front space, rear passengers will be quit cramped though.

Performance – 0-60 = 12.7
                         Top Speed = 104

M.P.G – 40

Insurance Group – 6

Whats it like to live with – Reliable, parts are plentiful and easy to
maintain and repair. A fine first car

What we think – The fiesta is a very good car to drive, one of the best
in its class. Large range of engines to suit everybody’s
budget. the car has reasonable amount of space and
you should have no problems in picking up a clean

Car17 out of 10 – 8/10