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Car17 has been created to give young and first time drivers all the information they need to pass their test and become a safe and competent driver.

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Tips For Safe Driving This Winter

  • Do a full check of your car. You should check tyre pressures, washer fluid and anti-freeze levels. Also make sure you have de-icer and a scraper.
  • Check weather conditions in advance for road closures
  • Be gentle with the clutch and throttle when starting off and remember to keep the revs low
  • Try to stay on busy roads, as they are more likely to be gritted
  • When on motorways stay in the clearest lane, avoiding ice and slush. Drive in the tyre marks of other vehicles
  • Remember your stopping distance may be 2 or 3 times as great in snow and ice
  • Staying in a high gear and keeping the engine revs low will help eliminate wheel spin
  • Keep your lights on in falling snow to take yourself visible to pedestrians
  • Remember fog lights can dazzle other drivers, only have them on if you have to
  • It is a good idea to keep an emergency kit with you. Things you may want to include You may want to include food and water, a torch and a blanket. If you are driving greater distances inform somebody when you leave and when you are expected to arrive. Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged in case of an emergency